Level 68 Part 1 - Stiens Gate

Mike B is back for some #Anime talk! No trailer reviews today...we decided off air to review #Berserk The Battle for Doldrey on our next anime episode! But join us as we give a full #SteinsGate review!!

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Level 68 Part 2 - Man of Steel Debate

Since we took a week off, we decided to drop two podcasts this week! Join us as we dive into a full #ManOfSteel #debate!! Did you enjoy this #movie? How does it live up to the current #DC movies? Be sure to comment.

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Level 50 Part 2 - Dragon Ball Super: Broly Review

It's here! Part 2 of our 50th podcast! Genesis, Terrence, Mike B and Unbiased Anne are all in studio for this milestone episode!

Join us as we review the #DragonballSuperBroly #movie and discuss #DragonballZ VHS tapes?? Genesis goes off about dubbed movies, episodes and #manga being released in a weird order! We also reveal the results of our #Twitter and #Instagram polls. Is #Gohan wack wack??? Find out now!

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