Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse Trailer Review

I'm admittedly more Marvel than DC...and I'm usually more animation than live action...when it comes to anime that is. My comic book movies are a different story, I prefer live action!

I don't know if I just grew out of it or what, but I have no interest in American made Sunday morning cartoons anymore. And I'm not trying to say in a backhanded way that if you still like Marvel and DC animated movies that you need to grow up...I'm saying it directly. Grow up!

Then this trailer happened. A few spots were a little choppy but overall the graphics were amazing! The one downfall was the lack of information. Who is the villain? Why are there two Spider-Men? Does this new Spider-Man also have an Uncle Ben that is about to get murked and can we do something about it?

At the end of the day, this does NOT look like your normal Saturday morning cartoon and it appears that my local Cinemark will be receiving my money on or around December 14, 2018 when the movie is released.

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